Waukesha Wings Hockey

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Write something about the graduating seniors.  It can be about how they play, how you interact with them at school, how they make you laugh, if they have made you a better player, about your hockey “history” with them etc.  It can be funny or serious but cannot be mean, nasty or vulgar.  Completed by January 10, 2021.  Seniors please write also.

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Use this form to Order all the required WINGS uniform items.  

Each Player must have these team issued items:

  1. WINGS Home/Away Jersey 
  2. WINGS Home/Away Socks 
  3. WINGS Equipment Bag
  4. WINGS Team Jacket

WINGS Breezer Covers and Pants that match the team jacket are also available but not required.

Each skater will be provided one home and away pair of socks at the beginning of the year free of charge.  All other items requiring purchase will be billed to your Wings account.  

Skaters are also expected to have a black helmet with a full cage, black gloves and mouth guard for all on ice activities.  Shorts and gym shoes are required for off ice training.  

As long as items are in good condition and fit your skater, they can be used year over year.  Order only the items you need to purchase for the first time or replace.