Waukesha Wings Hockey

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The Wings have adopted a volunteer tracking and reward system.  We are hoping to get more involvement from all the families and not just the same few.  

1.  Each family will be required to pay a refundable volunteer fee of $400 at the beginning of your WINGS journey.  This money will be reconciled at the end of the season based on volunteer activity throughout the year.  If you reached 40 points, the refund will be applied to your next seasons volunteer fee requirements.  Failure to achieve 40 points during the season will require you to repay volunteer fees the following season. 

2.  Volunteer activities that are available are on the web site under the Volunteer Opportunities Page.  Each family is responsible to sign up for these activities using their Wings Account. 

3.  As a family volunteers for an activity, they will accumulate points.  Each activity will have a point value listed with the description. Each family is encouraged to sign up for 40 points per hockey season.  This is the only way to redeem your volunteer fee refund.  Our program is run by volunteers, we need your involvement to keep the program running.

4.  Every family will be given until November 1 to sign up for a maximum of 40 points.  At the end of the cutoff, any remaining volunteer opportunities will be open to anyone that wants to earn redemption above their $400 original contribution at the rate of $5 per point.

5.  If a volunteer does not show up for their assigned opportunity, it is their responsibility to get it filled.  If they fail to fill the spot and someone fills in for them, the original volunteer will forfeit their redemption and the actual volunteer will be credited with the volunteer points.