Waukesha Wings Hockey

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MembersThe Wings Hockey Blue Line Club will consist of five (5) members whose general duties are as follows:

President: The President will schedule and run all meetings and oversee the general functioning of the Wings Hockey Blue Line Club.  The President will also be involved in the approval of the team budget, which will be developed with the Athletic Director, Head Coach, Treasurer and Parent Representatives.  The President is chosen by the Athletic Director and Head Coach.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will assist the Athletic Director in the management of the WINGS Account and be involved in the approval of the team budget.  The Treasurer is chosen by the Athletic Director and Head Coach.

Parent Representatives: Three (3) Parent Representatives will assist the President and be involved in the approval of the team budget. The Parent Representatives are chosen by a vote among existing parents.  See the Nominations and Elections sections below for more information.  The three parent representatives are responsible to oversee and assist selected Coordinators of the various pillars of activity within the WINGS organization. 

Volunteer CoordinationThe Wings Hockey Blue Line Club will coordinate game day parental responsibilities, including people to work the gate, announcer, score box, penalty boxes, and chuck-a-puck.

Equipment ResponsibilitiesThe organization will purchase equipment and materials, including practice jerseys, socks, and pucks & puck bags, as needed.  The Blue Line Club will assist with the purchase, maintenance, distribution and storage of equipment under the direction of the team's Athletic Director and Head Coach.  (Amended 8/31/15)

FundraisingMoney earned through individual skater fee reduction fundraising activities will be credited to each families account balance. These funds may be used to offset fees assessed to each skater by the Wings Hockey Blue Line Club in the current or any future year(s) that the family is participating in the Wings Hockey Organization, as long as there is no time gap in family participation on the team. Money earned through fund raising will not be refunded to any family if a skater leaves the program or if there is a gap in family member participation on the team. The remaining funds will be credited to the general fund.

Special EventsThe Wings Hockey Blue Line Club is responsible for the coordination of special events including, but not limited to, captain's practices, the parent social, youth night, senior night, the year-end banquet, golf outing, and hotel reservations for overnight trips.  The work associated with these events may be performed by a non-member selected by the Wings Hockey Blue Line Club or any of our active families via the volunteer opportunities on the WINGS website.

MeetingsThe President of the Wings Hockey Blue Line Club will schedule meetings as needed. Meetings will be open to all parents of Wings Hockey players.

NominationsThe Wings Hockey Blue Line Club shall solicit and identify potential candidates and present a slate of nominees at the Spring meeting. Candidates must submit interest in writing to the President at least one (1) week prior to the elections.

ElectionsWings Hockey Blue Line Club Parent Representatives will be elected during the off-season prior to April 1st by the current parents.  Parent Representatives will serve two (2) year terms, running from April 1st to March 31st of each year.  New Wings Hockey Blue Line Club members will be elected from the list of candidates presented by the serving members. In the event of school addition to co-op; the new school will have a parent representative for one (1) year transition. Parent representatives will not exceed more than 3.

ReplacementsIf a Wings Hockey Blue Line Club member is unable or unwilling to serve his/her entire term, a replacement will be appointed by the Wings Hockey Blue Line Club to serve until the next election.

Removal from OfficeA simple majority vote of the Wings Hockey parents and coaches would remove any Wings Hockey Blue Line Club member. All meetings where removal of Wings Hockey Blue Line Club member will be considered must be announced one (1) week in advance by written notice to all Wings Hockey parents and coaches. Replacement of Wings Hockey Blue Line Club members is outlined above.

Date Implemented: April 1, 2012

Bylaws Amended:  September 14, 2021